transpersonal therapy, psychotherapy and counselling .. a guide to some of the options, principles and practices; contains essays based on personal experiences

Transpersonal Therapy -- options, principles and practices

The greatest gift any teacher ever gave me
was to tell me that he could not teach me Transpersonal therapy

Healing the past ..
Staying present ..
Designing a future ..

transpersonal therapy - a Metaphor

Just as the operation of the device you are using to read this (computer monitor, touchpad or 'phone) and, its responses to your demands and expectations, even to its ability to translate this web-site,depends on the integrity of 'hidden files' and 'data' in the operating platform written by unknown programmers, so your perception of the words written here will be based on your own unconscious programming and hidden memories from (as yet) unknown sources.

These internal files of yours, if faulty (which may even contain viruses, trojans or worms -- just like internet files) once you are aware of their existence and location, can be erased rather than "worked around".

What you think, what you feel, what you know, is very real to you .. and often in conflict with expectations placed on you and at variance with what you are told you should be doing, thinking, feeling or experiencing.

Transpersonal therapy

At the transpersonal stage, we let go of our personality boundaries and, through getting in touch with and understanding our (as yet unconscious source) we are able to cultivate our intuition, our healing power and gain control over our lives.

Sometimes our present symptoms are related to emotional andpsychological trauma experienced earlier in life. Sometimes too, they are connectedor based on behaviour or reactions which we have inherited from our concealed geneticpast.

No-one is powerless

You are not powerless. When you are able to see the source and the reason for, whatever disease you believe you have, you will be able to change the program which has resulted in the belief from which you created your 'suffering'.

It is only by taking personal responsibility for yourself that you can create change.

Once the unconscious programs that have you believe you are a victim are identified, you will then be able to see that you do have a choice.

Life itself, as you have experienced it, often reinforces the program that you do not have a choice as to your wellbeing. Your power of choice may have been handed away for any number of reasons ... but it is a belief held by many people which manifests in different life situations.

It is possible to identify the relationship of physiological emotional stress patterns and destructive resonances and link them to specific patterns of myths and beliefs which are held in the unconscious body memory.

Transpersonal therapy and choice

In order for you to make choices, it is first important for you to see that you have a choice, and then be able to see what some of the possibilities are.

What you think, what you feel, what you know is very real to you, often in conflict with expectations placed on you, and at variance with what you are told you should be doing or experiencing.

You are still alive. Therefore, in your life, you have done something right, despite what others may say, or have said to the contrary.

Transpersonal Therapy offers unlimited possibility for choice

notebooks of a
Transpersonal Therapist

Transpersonal therapy is the therapy of integration. A transpersonal therapist can only walk with you as far as they have walked on their own transpersonal journey .. books and courses can only provide road maps. I have walked many miles in other people's shoes

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