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Transpersonal -- theory and definitions

Could the Trans Personal Human Self (The Core Consciousness of the Species HomoSapiens) hold any paradigm, epistemology, philosophy of life or spiritual belief which separated one member of the species from any other .. ?

Transpersonal: definition

Transpersonal : that which transcends the personal; transindividual; specifically designating a form of psychology or psychotherapy which seeks to combine elements from many esoteric and religious traditions with modern ideas and techniques.

The only thing that separates the races, creeds, cultures, and spiritualities of the Species is their personality.

Only when one lives according to one's trans-personal nature, will one understand that "humankind" means hu-man being kind to fellow human

Beyond this, apart from their location on the planet and their physiological adaptation to their particular environment, what is left?

In simple words, ANY belief structure or expression that separates one member of the Species fromany other at the level of the lowest common denominator could not be considered as "Trans-personal" ..

Beyond even that - what is the Common Core Consciousness that is shared by ALL species .. and beyond that, by all existence .. ?

At the very deepest level, Is one "self" superior to any other "self" in the matrix of the Self?

looking back at
Transpersonal Theory

the texts of every religion and spirituality describes the principles of Transpersonal Theory .. but, it is only looking back from the transpersonal into the personal that the Transpersonal can be fully understood as what is left when words and language no longer exist

Transpersonal Theory notebook

"Transpersonal -- theory and definitions"
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