transpersonal self -- the unconditional love beyond the personality. Definitions, essays and experiences of the transpersonal self

Transpersonal Self -- god and love

The Transpersonal Self is the satin of the Indigo Void, a motif of transcending beauty. It is the Consciousness of natural fulfilment. The mountain is at the feet of the three fates and air billows beyond the epochs of human time.

Unconditional Love

That consciousness which is sometimes called Unconditional Love is the space between the cells from and through which the cells were created.

Ultimately, the Transpersonal Self is unknowable -- to the personality and the ego, the Self does not exist; there isn't one. Unconditional Love is 'Be-ing'

beyond personality

It is within the silence.
It cannot be known
except through separation from it
yet when it is experienced
it is remembered
the Transpersonal Self
is beyond words.

Unconditional Love
and the Transpersonal Self

There are no words to describe the unconditional love of the 'transpersonal self'; it can be experienced, but that experience cannot be described without the limitation of the self that is trying to understand what just happened.

If the experience is absorbed without limitation, then every subsequent experience will probe even deeper depths.

Love and Self

"Transpersonal Self -- god and love"
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