The Transpersonal Innocent (Transpersonal Self) speaks to me in the sound of a snowflake melting .. as I try to grasp it in my hand

Beyond Transpersonal Psychology -- The Innocent

First there was the eternal Tao
From The One came two
from two came three
from three came ten thousand other things
but only because two forgot they were both part of one ..
saw themselves as apart from the one ..
and sought to find that One ..

and judged themselves and each other (the third creation)
that they were separate and thus lacking and could not return ..
so producing the ten thousand fruits of their judgment.

I stand on my own with no shadow and no wall around me.
I am the one of the now.
I am the truth beyond the first judgment.
I have no need to survive because
I am the eternal innocent.
There is no womb within my being, for the first separation was creation
- the creation of the womb.

From thence came defiled legions of children held in a continuum of judgment, bodies formed and densified by judgment, organs formed to filter the energy of judgment ... nutrition from an external source, life-force from an external source.
So Man ate the first apple, seeking the knowledge that leads to separation and duality. Then the earth and the body densified and grew.

The womb became the shadow of cosmic essence and all separation comes from the attempted perception of what is and what is not.
The ultimate judgment is to discern one from another
and compound the violation of separation.

Creation cannot exist on its own without its mirror, destruction.

There is no longer a light at the end of the tunnel, for the tunnel and the light have merged ...There is no balance point ...

If I hold onto one of any pair of opposites outside myself,
I will inflict myself with the opposite of my focus.

To create a God or Savoir outside myself
is to submit myself to the path of self destruction.

To hold onto the need to create
is to create destruction of all I create.

The power of opposite is understood. Life is no longer the distortion of my perception of opposites.

I am the dream, the dreamer and the act of dreaming ...
awake, to find the Tao realized in me

(The Transpersonal Self)

transpersonal psychology
- a plain man's notebooks

The TransPersonal (or spiritual) Human cannot hold any paradigm, epistemology, philosophy of life, religious or spiritual belief which separates one member of the species from any other

The separation of race, creed, culture, and spirituality originates from personality.

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"Beyond Transpersonal Psychology -- The Innocent"
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