Taming the Monkey Mind: An introduction to the transpersonal consciousness of no mind

taming the monkey mind

The eye can see, but cannot see itself ..
The fire can burn, but cannot burn itself ..
How can the mind think it can change its mind ..?

monkey mind

Mind: the sense related to keeping something in memory; the act of remembering; re-calling; retaining memory of

People are obsessed with the behaviour of moving into the dichotomy of the silence of the still mind - because this is what they have been taught - a behaviour learned as children - that they should be silent - "Children should be seen but not heard"

Monkey mind thinking in English means that one thought is automatically followed by another thought .. and thenby another .. and each of these is a figment of imagination based on reconstruction of a memory.

The Metamorphosis -- Eastern and Western Mind

The Western Mind sees things from an opposite perspective to the Eastern Orientated Mind on which the basic tenets of Transpersonal Psychology are based (Buddha Mind).

The traditional languages of the East are kinaesthetic - they are feeling and knowing - not emotive or expressive - where the resonance of the phonetics are the sounds which make up the whispering sounds of the flow of soundlessness.

By its very nature, mind cannot be still or silent, actively going over the past, reorganising and reanalysing .. recreating past in the present..

The Linear English Language has become reactionary where the diphthongs become plosive in an expression of emotionally charged attachment to thought - especially where the language is a learned behaviour of expression - as is taught in most schools - often under threat and duress and mostly as a grapheme disassociated from the body.

The synesthetic Eastern mind responds to taste, smell, colour, the sound resonance and the Western Mind is intellectual and reactionary.

Thus, the Western orientated "Left Brain" sees things personally according to how it perceives an unconscious or subconscious personality may have been triggered into a self-defence (survival) reaction, according to each personalities attachment to an identity.


People talk about the ego - forgetting that within the Psyche of Psychology there exists both polarities of Negative and Positive Ego. The linear left brain of the Western Monkey Mind is logical in sequence .. trained only to process one "bit" of information at a time.

Compared to the linear Left Brain, the Oriental Mind is a multiple processor able to process multiple data streams simultaneously - something that happens within the first 10 milliseconds of its impetus to action.

The Left Brain - which has become to be called the Mind grasps onto the single most reactionary thing it sees in this data stream and deals with it according to learned behaviour - an "if-then" loop - forgetting, as it does so, that the signal it is reacting to is the inversion of the information packet it has received - created by the medulla existing between the cerebrum and the cerebellum.

monkey mind psychology

The question is: did you have the thought, or did the thought have you?

People dive deeply into the Psychology of the Transpersonal in a hope that it may provide a mystical panacea to resolve their inner conflicts - so taking on another personality as they seek to prop up their experience or justify their learning according to the dis-information provided by some other entity who they take on as their authority .. thus living life by proxy.

Transpersonal no mind

Transpersonal or "No-Mind" is the evolutionary stepping stone beyond the Psychologies of the Ego, the Behaviour, the Existential, the Humanistic etc .. etc .. and only happens when the mind is either totally exhausted from the struggle - or otherwise decides not to fight the futility of a seeming endless stream of "ologies" - more of which are invented every day as the patented, trademarked, greatest and best solution the personality condition that the mind creates through the conditioned thinking process that "the more I know, the more I will be respected/accepted" ...

The Expert is a Monkey Mind

Enlightenment is nothing more than having the words to express what you already know in a language that can be heard and understood without creating a reaction from anyone's shadow.

For me, it is quite funny to "see" these learned people walking around with disembodied headsunder their armpits as they hold on so tightly to the "wisdom of some guru".

Its even funnier when one also realizes that many of these heads have metamorphosed into dust centuries before. Thus, the knowledgeable have, as the authority for their pseudo-beingness, the words of people who have been dead for a very long time.

How many times can we read that "so-and-so said ....." - when the reality is that "so-and-so"never spoke English - a language which may not have even existed during the epoch we try to re-invent in the present as the model for our existence.

under the layers of conditioned thought and behaviour, that which you are looking for, you already are - and were as a child new born into this world.

What you are looking for is that which is looking - the seeker is the sought in the act of seeking - and the tree falling in the forest does not make a sound unless there is someone there to first hear the tree falling and then interpret the change in the flow of air movement according towhat it has learned.

When you go for a walk in the forest, you place one foot in front of the other - and you place one foot on the ground after the other one.

Time is how long it takes for you to react when you see the grizzly standing in front of you ..

Survival is how much distance you can place between yourself and the grizzly in the shortest time possible

The Transpersonal is knowing that there was a grizzly on that track and not being there in the first place. This is the awareness of "no-mind".

a plain man's
Transpersonal Notebooks

Transpersonal is about the Consciousness (which some call Spirituality) which lies beyond what some call the personality.

It is about becoming aware of the seen and the unseen, the conscious, unconscious subconscious and supraconscious memories we carry which are the sources of programs, patterns and beliefs that govern our lives and our thinking - and then moving beyond.

transpersonal psychology and the mind

"taming the monkey mind"
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