EGO is formed from the gap in ego .. in the space of no mind, no time and no matter as the awareness of the relationship between self and environment

True Ego is formed from the gap in the ego

By its very definition ('Trans' = beyond), the Transpersonal cannot be understood by the intellect although many have tried toformulate paradigms. There is a huge difference between the ego and The Ego .. and the ego doesn't like it.

you will note that, in this essay, I am creating the distinction between ego (with a small e) and The Ego (with a capital E)

ego, The Ego
and transpersonal psychology

Transpersonal is not linear. It does not contain a Hierarchy.

ego is hierarchical

EGO is not hierarchical
Rather, it is a matrix of "Holons" sometimes written as a Morphogenic Field where no thing reigns supreme but all contribute to and are dependent on "The Whole".

By its very definition, not one single Religious or Spiritual Paradigmc an be used as a basis for Transpersonal Understanding for the simple reason that ego's understanding of Religion and Spirituality are intellectual.

There is a boundary that exists between "The Psychology of the Transpersonal" (the understanding of EGO) and "Transpersonal Psychology" (an ego based pursuit of understanding)

Transpersonal Psychology looks at Transpersonal from the perspective of intellect or ego and tries to linearly imagine what lies beyond this boundary. The imagination is based on what has been learned.

Psychology of the Transpersonal looks at Transpersonal from the experience of beyond the Transpersonal Boundary and sees multidimensionally as an awareness of 'I AM' (present continuing tense of the verb 'to be').

EGO is an "I AM" presence.

To do this, one must cross the boundary between what has been learned and "unbend" to translate what is knowable into the language of what has been learned.

The very real fear is that, in crossing the Transpersonal Bands of Consciousness, there is no self-sense and ego is faced withthe realisation that, because there is no hierarchy, there is none or no thing greater to aspire to.

Crossing this boundary is not a linear step, but rather, a bi-directional flow.

Yin and Yang

If you look at the Tai Chi symbol (Yin-Yang) and imagine it in 3 dimensions, you could perhaps imagine an "hour glass" where one fluid is moving from one chamber to the other and another fluid is replacing it.

The Vortex is the Void where there is a total interdependency and interpenetration between both fluids and both flows. This is represented by the Yin dot in the Yang and the Yang dot in the Yin.

Yin cannot exist without Yang ..
Yang cannot exist without Yin.

Similarly, it is possible to move through the Transpersonal bands to negative space and negative time.

YET, the Self is the total of both the sum and difference of both flows .. beyond both space and time.

EGO the embrace

we are already living in the world beyond Transpersonal ...
its only ego that does not understand.

When one can thus embrace both the Pre-Personal and the Trans-Personal, one's perspective of Transpersonal expands one's understanding of Personal.

The thing is .. in order for this to happen, the mind has to surrender all of its hopes, fears, expectations and desires.

Beyond Transpersonal introduces its own dynamics which, to ego, can seem like a Psychosis ...

Everything is already Atman .. and when, in those moments when we break into "ego Silence" we catch a glimpseof the Vastness of No Thing we cannot recognise it because we are IT.

Its when we look back and try to reconstruct that experience in terms of what the intellect has been taught that the multiple ego's start to kick, scream and try to rationalise.

Some even write that experience down .. and others use what has already been written as justification for their experience or (authority) ...

Now, some may want to argue with what I have written, some may try to understand. However, by the time you have read this, what I have described will have already changed because these words have been written.

However, if you can read both these words ... and the space between them ... then some part of you will understand.

After that, its a matter of ego and its intellect catching up and the coherence of association will form the moment you are able tosurrender any fundamental perspective that sees "Hu" separate from "man".

The Masculine and Feminine principles are far more than man and woman, male and female ...

in the Tai Chi symbol (Yin-Yang) there is a point of "no time", "no space", "no matter" and no mind where the seducer and the seductress unite in the most glorious Yoga.

Thus, True EGO is formed from the gap in ego ...

a plain man's
Transpersonal Notebooks

Transpersonal is about the Consciousness (which some call Spirituality) which lies beyond what some call the personality.

It is about becoming aware of the seen and the unseen, the conscious, unconscious subconscious and supraconscious memories we carry which are the sources of programs, patterns and beliefs that govern our lives and our thinking - and then moving beyond.

transpersonal psychology and the mind

"True Ego is formed from the gap in the ego"
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