Ego death is an experience that reveals the illusory aspect of the ego which might perhaps be better understood as transcendence of the notion that one even has any actual, non-illusory "ego" with which to experience "death" in the first place.

ego death

ego death is a state of absorption -- the ego does not die but the separate personalities combine to provide a transpersonal rather than linear perspective on life

ego death and 'I AM'

There are words in both ancient Hebrew (Aramaic) -- YHVH -- and ancient Sanskrit -- So'Ham which literally translate into I AM.

However, in the grammar of both languages, there exists something that does not appear in English, but if it did, it would be called 'the present continuing tense'. The verb is Be

In other words, 'I AM' most correctly translates into "I AM in the continuance of my being" (the simplest definition of the Transpersonal Self)

Descartes (after whom the linear mind was called 'cartesian') wrote .. "I think, therefore I am" and, in so doing, identified the personality ego or mask that is the conditioned individual 'I am' -- or the self-sense.

Ego-death occurs when this self sense .. ego with the little 'e' becomes transcended and absorbed into the greater ego -- I AM.

One of the great mysteries is that, although the ocean exists in the drop, the drop also exists within the ocean.

beyond personality:
the consciousness of the transpersonal Ego

What if -- the concepts of "ego-death" are merely the words of a group of people who are trying to analyse the concept of conjugate metamorphosis (Tantra) through the sequential linear left brain analysis thinking program .. based on the preconceptions of what they have been taught to believe?

What if -- the "ego" or our outward expression in the world does not die, but there is a synergy between the linear mode and a lateral or transpersonal mode of both expression, analysis and understanding - a bit like comparing a 1 bit computer (transistor) to something like a Cray or other parallel processor computer ..

(however it is only the output devices - the ears, eyes and mouth which operate linearly .. whilst the mind operates laterally .. our "input devices" the senses already operate laterally it is only the mind that sees them in operation

What if -- during this metamorphosis, we change our reference from singular cause-effect into being able to see the overall pattern of events and thus are able to respond from an transpersonal viewpoint (like flying over the countryside instead of looking at the sign posts from the level of the road) .. ?

What if -- the concept of death is merely the philosophy of a "priesthood" working on the deepest unconscious fear of all - our own mortality - in order to separate human-kind from its potential - which it would have no means of controlling ..?

What if -- the story of Christ was a metaphor for a man and a group of people who believed in an external God .. then at the crucifixion, we have the metamorphosis and the consciousness of the rising lateral mind as dominant.

In this event, with the collapse of all past belief structures, would not the believer in an external linear God cry out "My God, My God, why has thou forsaken me"

What if -- the story of the last supper was a metaphor for the "Holy War" fought between the knowing and far vision of the Lateral Mind against the major personality archetypes of the Linear Mind ..?

What if -- the "emergence" of the Lateral Mind, metamorphosed with the Linear Mind did not result in any "Death" but in the ability to see an overall picture .. where the Linear Mind was no longer dominant but still fully functional as a possibility of choice.

What if -- as a result of this, the imprints of the conditioned belief structure was no longer an "active dominant reaction" program but rather a referential "data" bank for the understanding process of the experience of life - much like a reference book to be looked up when needed ..?

What if -- as a result of this process of the metamorphosis of the "Conditioned Self", it is possible to change both the mtDNA and the nuclear DNA.

and ... What if -- that which you are looking for, you already are .. that underneath the need for justification and correction, everythingelse already exists - except that whilst the one bit linear computer is looking for it, it hasn't got enough data lines to see anything else whilst it is looking ..

ego death -- no boundaries

and thus
there is nothing to die,
nothing to let go of,
nothing to surrender ..

ego death -- the paradox

The mind cannot experience ego death .. except through looking back into the experience ..

Thus, the great paradox that an experience referred to as an ego death can lead to beliefs that the person becomes one with the universe, and that the work and history of the whole universe is concluded in the momentary experience of "self", a view which can lead to narcissm as the result of a vastly inflated ego, similar to the common expression used for someone experiencing an "ego-trip" - "s/he think the whole world revolves around him/her".

For proponents of this viewpoint, an ego death would be best achieved by accepting one's reality as mere transient human rather than to equate to such vast and powerful entities as the universe.

After ego death

only the acceptance that everything is already buried there under
the conditioned belief structure ..
that it was there when we were very young children ..
but "there" was not a safe place to be because it went against
the conditioned beliefs of our parents and our peers ..

and so, we have spent all of our lives using
the conditioned belief structure and method

to explain and understand ourselves .. and why we feel at
odds with everything that "other's" try to tell us is "the way it is" ..

and that space is knowable, measurable and provable ..
but cannot be seen or understood by anyone who will not
allow that possibility exists within themselves.

and .. what if ...
"death" is the greatest lie you have ever been told.

a plain man's
Transpersonal Notebooks

Transpersonal is about the Consciousness (which some call Spirituality) which lies beyond what some call the personality.

It is about becoming aware of the seen and the unseen, the conscious, unconscious subconscious and supraconscious memories we carry which are the sources of programs, patterns and beliefs that govern our lives and our thinking - and then moving beyond.

transpersonal psychology and the mind

"ego death"
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