Kundalini Essence: origins, definitions and personal experiences. The significance of Kundalini in the Bible and Transpersonal Psychology

Kundalini and Transpersonal Psychology -- the essence of kundalini

I learned a little about Kundalini before the advent of the internet ... I actually experienced it in a real big way ... and then a few years later I ended up in a little village in India a long way away from any of the commercial guru's, fakirs and people who call themselves masters.

Kundalini, in essence, is the primordial feminine energy of life itself.

The origins and essence of the word Kundalini has been prejudiced. What you may read on the web and in books about Kundalini is someone's idea of something that someone else said that somebody thought might have been the meaning of something that was once written in another language where the original spelling contained errors because the vocabulary and the alphabet changed in the translation from the oral tradition.

Kundalini and personal experience.

The little guy who looked and smelled like the village bum (and could have been 100 years old except for the fact that he had more physical strength than any man that I have ever seen) proceeded to give me some instruction on a few things about life ... he'd only just met me and he told me all about mine - including a few of the stories I have related elsewhere about my Aboriginal experiences ..

and then he took me on a journey into the Vedic Fire .. speaking what I later learned was pure Sanskrit as it has been handed down (he even taught me a little bit) .. but most of what he taught me was how the "unspeakable" has been corrupted .. oh yes .. he spoke perfect English and, used Hebrew, French and Latin on me as well ...

The Essence of Kundalini

From the perspective of Transpersonal Psychology, Kundalini, in essence, is the primordial feminine energy of life in Nature.

What we experience are the symptoms of its free flow as it breaks through all of the barriers that circumstances andbeliefs have created. In Essence, it is the Primordial feminine Fire of physical Life.

Kundalini is the energy released at the moment the sperm enters the ovum and creates the flash of light that the mind returns to after journeying down the tunnel of darkness called death. It is the energy of natural child birth and for all people, the energy of the Physicality of the Life Experience ... in other words, if Kundalini wasn't awake, then you'd be very dead.

Some people think they can channel Kundalini ... what they are actually channelling is something their mind has imagined and then created .. and thus we enter the world of Maya .. illusion .. the great trickster.

Its a bit like the Chakra system .. one group reckons there are 7, another says there are 6 and when you go further back in the sacred teachings you find 5 ... and the funny thing is that 7 is the Christianised version whereas ALL of the world's other spiritualities have 5 correspondences.

There's lots of fizzy drinks on the supermarket shelves .. all are variations of carbonated water and all of them will make you burp if you gulp them sown too quickly. Things go better with Coke because, in the old days, the process of flavouring it allowed the Cocaine to remain in the bottle that you bought ... and the Coca-Cola company made a huge amount of money from the addicts it has created over time ...

just as a lot of people have made a lot of money selling Kundalini and courses in it as the mystical panacea to explain all experiences that fall outside what people can get from Vaticorp's "god" ..

Kundalini and the Bible

the irony of the situation is that the bible talks about Kundalini all of the time ... in such away that people don't understand that it is the story of Moses, David and Goliath, Sampson (the greatest journalist of all time who took two columns and brought the house down), Noah and his Ark, Jesus walking on the water, the Crucifixion and the meeting in the Upper room. Its the story of Genesis and, if your read Revelations very closely, its the Essence of Armageddon.

But, everything I've written on this site is not politically correct .. especially if you have Roman Catholic genes in your body .. even though the birth of 'Jesus Christ' is the story of the birth of the Son of Kunti ... after whom Kundalini got its name ...

Yes - every living thing expands and contracts in cycles .. just like the Yin-Yang of the Tao corresponds to YHVH .. masculine and feminine in homeostasis

Most forget that Sanskrit was originally spoken on BOTH the in-breath and the out-breath and the true translation can only be found by allowing the breath flow for each syllable to give direction to the meaning ...

Kundalini - the energy of the foundation of being

The problem is with Christianised society that the base chakra is a "no-no" and that the only place that "gods" is "out there" somewhere ... so the Kundalini Channels talk about the Sushumna and the journey up the spine. Very few talk about the Merdi .. or the return journey down the front of the body to complete the Taoist Orbit towards wholeness ...

but, then to do that is to have to face the fact that, in the centre of the perineum where the Governor Vessel, the Conception Vessel and the Penetrating vessel all meet, is one single point which carries the memory of all creation .. the grey elephant.

Until the mind can descend to this point, it knows nothing - not allowed to because, in her statue, the Virgin Mary has her foot firmly planted on the Serpent which, in all other cultures, is the symbol of Hu-man Spirituality.

When this is overcome, we enter the realm of Transpersonal Psychology and Kundalini is what got us there.

The problem is .. Christianity has made the Serpent very wrong .. leading to psychosis the moment she rears her head ..

"Kundalini and Transpersonal Psychology -- the essence of kundalini"
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