The spontaneous Kundalini awakening is the the 'Spiritual emergence' of your feminine LifeForce telling your mind that it has had enough of control .. and in the process, all stored patterns and images from the past are released from the cells of the body

Kundalini Awakening -- the emergence of kundalini

The word Kundalini is a bit like a trademark .. a name someone put on the natural life-force of the body firstly in order to explain .. that which, for the most part was, to the mystics of the East, unexplainable ..

It is part of human nature to want to have or know more than another and the sale of the mystical is a guaranteed money spinner ..

The Emergence of your Feminine LifeForce

so some of those who wanted to be guru's to cover their own denied victimhood, got hold of the idea in order to be able to apply control to the spiritual evolution of others and to make money out of the process.

This Life_force .. Kundalini has been active in the cells of the body .. firstly it is the femine energy of the ovum .. secondly it is the feminine energy of the sperm. On a more wholistic level, it is the feminine aspect of the energy of all life!

When this energy becomes inactive, you are dead .. very dead physically.

The Kundalini Experience

The experiences people attribute to Kundalini are the mental awareness generated by the femine aspect of energy-lifeforce moving through the negative vortices in the cells, releasing holding patterns of past limiting beliefs and trauma holding patterns.

For one who has no concept of limitation, one moves beyond the Siddhis (or Mystical Experiences) into the space of all-Knowing .. where nothing is higher and nothing is lower.

To hold on to the Siddhis or the manifestations of Kundalini is to remain stuck in the past world of limiting self deceptions and to once again, limit the evolution of the possible human who can only be revealed when the cellular negative vortices or self-limiting belief holding paterns are no longer the swamps of stagnant illusions.

Kundalini in Children

As a child, we are born with Kundalini fully awakened. Through the conforming process imposed during the years of childhood conditioning, belief patterns are set within the body .. holding patterns of education, will of control, and trauma.

We seek to return home.

Home is that consciousness of the newborn child who has no small self identity imposed by the expectations of others. Free flowing Kundalini is the realisation .. the remembering of that state .. and its understanding to the conscious mind.

The spontaneous Kundalini awakening ..

is the the Spiritual emergence is the body saying "Ive had enough of this mind control" .. and in the process, all stored patterns and images from the past are released from the cells of the body .. or they can be if the mind will allow the process .. then, there is total healing and wholing.

The deepest fear released during this process is the remembering of the pain of the repression of this energy .. the pain born by the small child who was forced into the mould of the will of others.

Symptoms Of Kundalini Awakening

While the awakening Kundalini may be a dramatic experience, the resultant shift in consciousness may be accompanied by years of physical and psychological upheavals.

The process of Kundalini awakening can vary greatly from person to person. Some have intense physical symptoms, while others experience mainly emotional or psychological symptoms. It is as if the new energy invites a spring cleaning throughout the entire system, with unresolved physical or emotional conditions coming up for resolution and release.

The life transforming changes which accompany a Kundalini awakening cover the entire physiological, emotional, mental and spiritual spectrum.

"Kundalini Awakening -- the emergence of kundalini"
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