an article discussing some of the modern myths and misunderstandings around Kundalini

popular modern kundalini myths

the true essence of Kundalini has been lost in the translation of Hindu and Sanskrit into English; in part this is due to the influence of Christian Missionaries, the English Language based on Catholic Latin origins and preconceptions, and the influence of various other occupying cultures.

Kundalini: what it is and what it is not

Kundalini is NOT a goddess
it is a devi - although the implication of hub and emu as the roots of "god" are correct in that it is the energy of the sacrifice of the personality and that to which all beliefs are sacrificed.
Kundalini IS the feminine energy of Nature
as being the receptor of the deva in order for fertilisation, germination and growth to take place
Kundalini is NOT coiled 3½ times ..
the symbol is that of a serpent coiled to strike as a "grapheme" or word picture of potential ..and, just like the serpent coils and strikes and recoils, kundalini breathes .. a bit like the ebb and flow of the tide - at a frequency that follows the Schumann resonance of the Planet (approximately 7.8Hz).
Kundalini is not asleep.
Kundalini is in homeostasis. If it was asleep, you would be very, very dead. It is the feminine energy of conception and birth and every life change that happens in the body. It is the energy of healing self healing through metamorphosis. In the normal person, its level is 3/10. When it 'awakens' its level can increase to 10/10
The Base of the Spine.
Kundalini is the Life energy of every cell in the body with its fullest potential in the StemCell (both adult and infant). However, its strongest potential lies in the "base chakra" because the perineum muscle which holds the whole of the pelvic floor together contains the memory of the sperm entering the egg as the act of conception.
The Virgin
refers to the primal stem cell (the potential of fertility) from which all life evolves after conception. This is the seed and the Black Stone seen in many cultures.
Kundalini does NOT pierce the brain
it dissolves the cellular records that the mind requires to form a basis of its interpretations and beliefs.
Kundalini and the Spine
there are two branches to the Central Nervous System which flow up and down the spine: the sympathetic (masculine, conscious - sourced in the pituitary - corresponds to the 'pingala') and the parasympathetic (feminine, unconscious sourced in the the perineum - corresponds to thwe 'ida').

The Sushumna is a 'subtle' (which means that medern medical equipment cannot yet measure it) 'penetrating vessel' (or 'nadi') which actually balances out the masculine and feminine!
Kundalini and its symptoms - (Sushumna)
sourced in the center of the perineum is a major subtle energy (acupuncture) channel - the Sushumna (in accupuncture, the Penetrating Vessel) which balances every other meridian and every vital function of the body. It also controls the "Heart-Brain", the flow of Blood, the act of and ability to breathe; the organs of ingestion, digestion and elimination.

"popular modern kundalini myths"
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