Kundalini resource describes the origins, definitions and meaning of Kundalini, clarifies the Divine Feminine and provides a Plain English Guide to the mysteries of KUNDALINI, its synergy, symptoms and expression.

Kundalini -- origins, definitions meaning and symptoms : a Transpersonal perspective

There is a lot of misinformation and disinformation published on kundalini, what it is, what it is not, how it works, what sort of symptoms you can expect etc.

One of the major problems with "kundalini" is that it is a word from the eastern Scriptures and, within the West and spiritual language, there is no real equivalent for the word "kundalini" as the "devi" (feminine) as opposed to the idea of "God/father" as the "deva" (masculine).

Even the 'translations' of many of the Eastern Scriptures/texts are either incomplete or blatantly incorrect as they try to conceptualise the feminine in terms of Patriarchal Spirituality.

For those brought up in the western/Christian tradition, and there are going to be very great difficulties with the concept that there can be a feminine equivalent of "God" which resides within the body and this 'idea' can bring (from the deepest level) all sorts of memories with fear of blasphemy, heresy -- excommunication and even death from deep genetic memories of ancestral trauma.

The word "divine" is actually the union of the "deva" and the "devi" but no one -- especially religion -- is really going to want to tell you this -- but there is reference to this "divine feminine" in mystical Christianity, mystical Islam and mystical Judaism. However, because she is mystical, there is no common word used to label her.

The Kundalini Notebooks find their place in the Transpersonal Notebooks because the feminine essence of Kundalini is cross cultural and beyond the personality world of semantics -- words and language. These pages attempt to clarify the truth of the Divine Feminine by providing a Plain English Guide to the definition, origins and mysteries of KUNDALINI, its synergy, symptoms and expression.

Kundalini - root meaning

Kun is the Earth ... add the "di" (sometimes spelt "ti") and its the little pot of earth (one cell) in the earth (physical manifestation) .. and the bits added to the end which some transcribe as "lini" are the perpetual consciousness of the 'alpha and the omega' expressed as potential .. Kundalini is the Refiner's Fire which straightens out the mind's distortions of Life and Nature (Kundalini definition)

Kundalini is, thus, the energy of our natural physical beingness - the life energy of each cell of the Physical Body -- particularly the 'stem cells'.

Kundalini is the latent potential of the Feminine Principle of Creation - the Life-Force and life consciousness of every cell of all physical life. We are all born with Kundalini already awakened .. we would be very dead if it wasn't.

Without Kundalini, the 'Divine Marriage' would never happen and the Tantric Union that gives rise and realisation of 'the Christos' would be impossible. Love would never be real.

Kundalini symptoms and experiences

The experiences some call Kundalini are symptoms - of your remembering and the whole of your being awakening to the truth of you - as your life force synergy, your inner Holy Spirit, the Divine Fire moves through the body clearing the holding patterns of the memories, beliefs and conditioning of the past. Imagine a taut and twisted elastic band .. unraveling when it is let go.

All of a sudden, the subtle energies .. the nervous system .. starts to function at a much higher level than previously experienced.

Kundalini rising is not a crisis

Kundalini is the body's way of re-awakening to the truth of itself. Its like a dam bursting .. a dam that has been holding back the inherent power of the truth of the physical body ..

It can often be quite scary as the dam bursts. All of our beliefs, limiting decisions and behavioral patterns from the past are brought to consciousness along with all of the self judgments we have ever made .. and judgments from others that we have taken on. Seemingly, there is nowhere to go .. and we become caught between personality splits.

"Kundalini -- origins, definitions meaning and symptoms : a Transpersonal perspective"
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