The bible story of the crucifixion can have an alternate meaning as a description of the passage of kundalini in Christian language where the crucifixion can be a metaphor for Kundalini awakening

Kundalini on the Cross -- an alternate perspective of the crucifixion

Move beyond the words..
beyond the imagery of the crucifixion
behind the metaphor behind the story of Christ on the Cross ..


At the hour of his death he said:
"My God, My God why have you forsaken me.."

gave up his Spirit and The Temple was torn asunder ..
from top to bottom

or so the Bible literally tells us.
(but not one of the standard gospel versions actually said that he died .. until much later versions)

Take a change of perspective ..

The Temple as metaphor for the body ..
the base chakra of the body was rocked by an enormous lifeforce moving upwards and outwards from the perinuem..

unplugging the blocks in the cells of the body in one such surge would have resulted in enormous pain.

All the symptoms of Kundalini awakening .. even to sweating blood.

Lifeforce that has been blocked in the base chakra for 33 years moving up through the body at such intensity would have resulted in a 'spiritual death' -- a death of the personality .. a death of the ego.

A death of the ego created by the mind ..
death of the past ..
nothing would stand in the way of such energy

and would have caused the body to go into shock and be held in stasis ..
seemingly physically dead.

Three days would be needed to recover from such strong kundalini movement.

Indeed three days later .. complete rejuvenation of the body and spirit.
Resurrection in every sense of the word.
Labeled miracle by many.

The words "My God My God why have you forsaken me" cried out in anguish because of the knowing in that moment of lifeforce moving that there was no God ..
no Father .. only the creation of minds of men.

The remembering unleashed of the knowing of the child at conception and the release of those memories locked in the cells ..realised and understood..

Every belief held by the man called Christ .. exposed.
and in that moment of clarity the knowing that there was no god and the clear seeing and understanding of an energy way beyond the teachings of the times..
of memories far beyond a Patriarchal God.

All this written by men in metaphor to hide the truth of spirituality and God and the truth of kundalini and tantra because to have openly revealed their knowing would have resulted in death.

The appearance in the locked room of the 'holy spirit' or dove bestowing grace .. a metaphor for energy descending from the mind back down through the body to complete the microcosmic orbit.

So lifeforce became intrinsically linked with sacrifice and death of the physical body, iImprinting fear of death when experiencing lifeforce .. and because it rose from the base chakra forever linked to the 'lower' nature.

Rising from the dead more like
the rising of the kundalini from the base point of the body's conception
of itself.

References :
Matthew 27 vs 50
Luke 23 vs 46
Mark15 vs 38
John19 vs 30

"Kundalini on the Cross -- an alternate perspective of the crucifixion"
  … copyright 1997-2011 Transpersonal Lifestreams, Hobart, Tasmania
  … updated 21st March 2011.

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