a description of the function of Kundalini at work nourishing both the body, mind and the brain from the cellular level to the level of the whole person.

Kundalini, your body, your mind and the experience

who are you really?

It has to be remembered that EVERY cell, every organ and every organ group in the body has "Consciousness" and all of these cells, organs and groups are linked together with other organs and each cell, organ and organ group has both a Consciousness and, personality traits. In other words, they have both individual and collective "Higher" and "Lower" minds of their own.

and what do you think is your mind?

There is more than just what is between your ears that "functions" as your mind.

Every part of the body communicates with every other part.

There are the "subtle" communications of the "Nadi's" and acupuncture meridians. There are also the "biochemical communication chanels" (the blood, lymphatic etc) and the coarse "electrical" chanels through the Nervous system (Sympathetic and Parasympathetic) ... and more

Each of these energy "trees" has a root, a trunk and branches .. and, they all depend on each other for their communication - they all communicate with each other.

As well as this, every cell and every organ group has an "electromagnetic" radiation pattern .. an aura of its own environment in which it bathes. Every adjacent cell and/or organ group is also
bathed in this "aura". Its a bit like a non-smoker passively inhaling everyone else's cigarette smoke in the bar.

Kundalini and the pot in the earth

At the fundamental, primal level - the lowest common denominator of the single cell - the internal energy of the life of the cell itself is the Feminine Principle .. AND this is what is referred to as
the potential of the "Pot In the Earth" .. which some call Kundalini.

The Aura of the cell in which it is bathed (and radiates from it) is the Masculine Principle - the Mind of the Individual Cell.

Each individual Holon is autonomous.

There is a Primordial Decision that is decided by each and every cell of the body and, so on, up through the organ groups ... through the individual human to every living organism within the whole of Life ItSelf ...

This decision is "Does the environment in which I am bathed (All of the "Mind's" - masculine principle) support My Life as a Cell (or organ or organ group or human being)".

Kundalini,synthesis and survival

Each individual holon (something that is simultaneously a whole and a part) is autophytic. In other words, it synthesises everything it needs for its own survival from within itself and in relationship with its environment. Kundalini is the energy of that creative process.

If the cell cannot find balance through homeostasis with its environment, then changes take place at the level of the individual cell (from within that cell) through the
change in the structure of the cell itself, its function whithin the organ group. This change takes place through the manufacture of protein molecules from the environment in which it "lives".

Of course, if one cell changes, then so does the next and so on .. the changes being echoed throughout all of the communication "trees" of the body.

What each of us experiences as a "gross physical human being" is a mirror or reflection of what is going on within our own body in each of the 7 billion or so individual cells - and in between, are the organ groups and their own individual personalities ..

a whole body brain

Where it gets "hard" for "the mind between the ears" is that the "thinking mind" operates only in a linear mode .. one function at a time .. like a 1 bit computer.

However, there are other parts of the brain (and the mind as a whole) that take all of this information from every cell and process it - making a decision for the whole organism.

Throughout the body, there are various "gateways" - mini computers that sample what is going on in various groups of organs using sensors which are conveniently placed in all of the different "trees" of life - and they feed a sorted, composite message to the brain.

How accurate this signal is depends on the sort of conditioning the sensor has had. In some cases, critical sensors have just stopped working (atrophied) or been shut down because of a memory.

NOW .. to give you an idea ... a sense from one of the organs or organ groups (like the skin) takes 10 milli seconds (thousandths of a second) to reach the brain by the electrical circuit. 10 milliseconds later, the unconscious brain has responded/reacted. However, there was even an earlier decision and response through the gateway "mini computer" .. and, effectively, even the right hemisphere of the brain only acts as a co-ordinator or major gateway.

The thinking mind only becomes aware of this process 500 milliseconds later and takes 250 more milliseconds to make its "conscious and informed decision".

And you "think" you can think your way through the clearing of all of the unconscious programming you have ever received???

What happens if the "thinking mind's decision" goes against the one made earlier by the other part of the brain - or against some inherent self-defence mechanism of an organ or organ group ?? What is going to be the "Feedback" that the "thinking mind" sends back to the organ (or organ group) which has its own "Consciousness" ..??

Nature sends out its own signals all of the time. sight, sound, taste, touch and smell govern the survival of all species of life. As a child, we had all of these senses operating long before anyone taught us "words" - or even how to think with words.

BTW ... In 30 milliseconds, the biochemical response from any "gateway" has reached the heart. In 30 seconds, that biochemical response has circulated through the blood to every single cell in the
body - including the brain. What if that biochemical message is toxic to some part of the body because another part has broken down?

Enlightenment and Kundalini awakening

So, Enlightenment, Kundalini and Spirituality has a bit more going on behind it than the mind can ever comprehend in its linear thought.
However, by moving beyond time and space restraints and not thinking, we CAN become aware of this whole process.

For example, the Kundalini "awakening" happens when the energy of Conception (of Life of the Cell - and your own body) breaks through some barriers and starts moving up through the "Penetrating Meridian" from (the accupuncture points) PV1 to GV20 .. and, as it does, it activates EVERY other acupuncture meridian in some way. The first intersection is with the Kidney Meridian -- and your emotions!

For every female reading this, 'The Penetrating Vessel' (some might call it 'Sushumna') also controls the whole reproductive system through the blood flow. In other words, it governs the Womb and everything associated with it.

With this sort of background, maybe you can understand what I have written before and maybe also, gain some glimmer of idea into your own experiences.

Now .. imagine how much easier it would be for everyone if your mind became the friend of every "holon" in the body?

"Kundalini, your body, your mind and the experience"
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  … updated 21st March 2011.

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