journal of transpersonal psychology: allopoietic words from the library of consciousness have a life of their own but have no objectivity or name-able ashes from which they are seen to rise ..

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transpersonal non objectivity

Ancient Mysteries, "Truths of Life It Self" have become autopoietic ... dependant on the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the writer or speaker - because English is the language of objective thought .. "isness".

To translate "Spirituality" into English involves the "word smithing" into non-objective English - phonetic metaphors with meaning which arise without thought because the words are neither thought-generated nor thought-perpetuated and are given life through non-thought so they exist in no-mind.

Naming the Tao in Non-words because the Tao cannot be named in words .. "Plain English words" (without the jargon) hold meaning and resonance which is personal only to the unattached witness and bear no relationship to the writer or speaker."

a plain man's
Transpersonal Notebooks

the allopoietic archive ... in essence, an expression of the Eternal Tao - Pointing Fingers - nameless because they cannot be objectified and non-dual because mind can only perceive duality.

journal, weblog and other 'stuff'

"journal - weblog - random humour and 'stuff' that fits nowhere else"
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