articles and essays about personal transpersonal experiences

essays from my transpersonal experiences

"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio
than are dreamed of in all of your philosophy"
(Shakespeare writing as "Hamlet").

At various times, people have written to me asking me to write about some of my own "Transpersonal" or "Transcendent" experiences. This section of the site will be added to from time to time ..

To find my Transpersonal Self, I had to figure out there was a difference between who I might really be .. and who my parents, the education system, my friends, my employers and even my spiritual teachers (and bull shit therapists) had tried to tell me I was.

and, underneath that were all of the inner voices that wanted to argue either for or against every process, discovery or realisation.

Very quickly, I learned that many of the people I tried to talk to about my experiences didn't have a clue what I was 'going on about' for the simple reason they could neither enter my space to experience 'IT" for themselves .. nor did they have any referential background from their own experience!

I know I spent a lot of time processing shit that others put on me -- until I got to grips with the process of transference and learned to keep others energetically at arms length.

a plain man's
Transpersonal Notebooks

addictions are used to mask or cover physical, psychological and psychic pain

we fear and refuse to feel life issues -- and numb ourselves down by indulging in all sorts of repeated (and addictive) activities

stories of personal experiences

"essays from my transpersonal experiences"
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