defines the meaning of the word transpersonal and the essence of the word transpersonal in terms of spirituality and real world experience

Transpersonal -- a definition of humanity

When human has been replaced within your belief structure with trans, then perhaps, only perhaps, your be-ing will be whole and limitless

Transpersonal Definition

the word 'Transpersonal' was first used in 1905-06 (by W. JAMES in R. B. Perry Thought & Character) in the context -- "That an idea represents an 'object' may mean that it represents something either: Trans-personalas (when my object is also your object); or transcends the personal, is trans-individual. Simply .. Transpersonal is beyond (trans) the personal or personality or the persona

The Transpersonal world is beyond the everyday singular human existence. It is the way of the Tao, embracing all the aspects of you,facilitating the transformation of the personal you and allowing you to see the GreaterWholeness, not only of you, but of humanity and beyond

Transpersonal and the Tao

The Transpersonal world is a lateral world, one that covers all in one encompassing moment. It is the way .. the Tao

To look outside yourself
.. for recognition and acceptance
.. for a master or teacher ...
.. for a saviour ...
.. for another to be your authority ...
is to deny the existence of your Transpersonal nature.

Only when one lives according to one's trans-personal nature, will oneunderstand that humankind means hu-man being kind to fellow hu-man

Transpersonal is a term which can be (and has been) applied in a number of fields. For some, Transpersonal has an air of 'way out' or 'do not touch'.

Trans-personal is often shrouded in an air of mysticism which brings trepidation into the minds of some and antagonism into the minds of others.

The individual lack of awareness or understanding as to the nature of Transpersonal is a reflection of the lack of awareness, understanding or acceptance of Self.

The Trans-Personal world is beyond the everyday singular human existence. It covers all the aspects of you, facilitating the transformation of the personalyou and allowing you to see the Greater Wholeness, not only of you, but of humanity and beyond

Maybe the definition I have found is one which differs from what you have been taught. Please, read on - there may be something here for you.

What I have endeavoured to find is a meeting point for all of the definitions and hopefully, within that space, show that there is a link between definitionand understanding which is only separated by language and terminology.

To journey is to follow a single path from the moment you are on it. The word 'course' is defined as ... 'the path, route or channel of movement; thecontinuous passage or progress through a series of stages; mode of conduct; a manner of proceeding'.

So, we introduce the world of paradox, for the Trans-personal pathway is one beyond journey. It is the way, the path, the Tao, the nature of Zen,the essence of Christianity, the truth of Buddha. It is Tantra and Yoga.

It is Life itself in all its manifestations beyond the boundaries imposed by the mind, the personal ego-I.

The word 'human' is derived from 2 words, 'Hu' (a term for God) and 'Man'. A Human is therefore A 'God-Man'.

Without recognition of your Trans-personal nature, you are denying the definition of your existence.

Wholeness can only be whole when limitation is removed from be-ing. These pages, the work undertaken so far, is the beginning.There is no end. There is no death. There is only the eternal NOW.

Transpersonal is a perspective or point of perception which allows one to see the concept of 'individual' within its relationship to a much larger 'whole'.

"Transpersonal -- a definition of humanity"
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