the western language used to describe anything Transpersonal or spiritual is firmly tied to the canon of the Church of Rome. Original definitions of Hell, Sin etc

the Church of Rome -- the influence of Doctrine and Dogma on Transpersonal Psychology

Most of the "western" words and language used to describe anything Transpersonal or spiritual are firmly tied to the canon of the Church of Rome.

As long as this language is used, Transpersonal will be forever tied in Consciousness to these origins through memories contained in the genes of our DNA.

There are 5 primary senses - sight, sound, taste, smell and touch -- and, beyond our intellect, each of these senses is transliminally linked.

Thus, no matter what word we use, that word is defined in consciousness by more than just the definition that our thought process has been taught.


It is impossible to become fully Transpersonal .. or Enlightened .. if you need to hold on to any religious term to describe your experience.

The program will drag you into a Black Hole every time and a split in your personality will be the end result.

Through conditioning from the moment of our conception, and, based on the genetic language pattern we have inherited, the unconscious part of our mind learns another definition of words ... it associates the sight with the sound and incorporates all of the other sensory perceptions.

Transliminality -- If we see something, there is an automatic (reflex) association with all of the other senses; If we smell something, there is an automatic (reflex) association with all of the other senses and our body learns survival through its senses (and there are actually a lot more than just the 5 basic ones).

If we use a word in a sentence, as a description .. then there is an automatic (usually unconscious) response or emotion from the "body-mind" (that other 90% of the mind that most are not conscious of) as a process of association takes place in all of the organs using/or associated with all of the senses.

It is this "other meaning" that is so often silent but is what the word means to us beyond the intellect.

Influences of Catholic roots

Every spiritual word that we use in our Western Definitions of our "Spirituality" finds the origins of its English usage (etymology) in the Canon of the Roman Catholic Church .. no matter what form of Christianity you follow.

Unfortunately, these same words are used in the translation of texts from other languages so that the subtleties of the orinal author's meaning and intent becomes lost. For example .. you cannot use 'soul', 'spirit' or 'god' in your translation of the Pali Canon!

The words Spirit™, soul™, heaven™, sin™, god™, Hell™, eternal life™, baptism™, sacred™ ... and so the list goes on are all a bit like the ubiquitous "Coca Cola" (or "Coke") .. trademarked by "Vaticorp" ..

How many times do you buy a bottle of "Cola" .. and, no matter what the brand, you call it "Coke" ...

The Marketing departing department did a good job of selling the sizzle through appealing to all of the senses.

No matter what roots of the Spiritual English Words that you use lie deeper than the Catholic definition, the "sizzle" of Rome's marketing department obscures them.

"Coca Cola" got its name because it was originally formulated from extracts of the Cola Nut and Cocaine. But, over the years, we have forgotten about the Cocaine and Amatil have taken it out of their drink. Yet, we all know the nature of addictive memory.

Consumer Mind Control and Hard Sell

Psychology knows about auto-suggestion, hypnosis and mesmerism .. what are the "pre-requisites" or most favourable conditions to set this up .. ?

So it was with the Canon of the Roman Catholic Church ..

Why is the visual icon (religious art) so important - sight
Why the constant use of Frankincense - smell
Why the tangible bread and wine - touch and taste
Why the constant repetition of the Latin liturgy - sound

All of these imprint into the body .. and very cleverly too.

One of the things that we now know is that a sympathetic attunement of the senses through constant repetition leads to an altered state of consciousness through the release of natural narcotics ubstances in the brain .. the experience of euphoria and bliss as the brain waves slow and consensus reality dims into a state that is amenable to autosuggestion ... absolute detachment of mind from body ...

Spiritual Language - Vaticorp

In Western Society, we have eaten bread and wine as our staple diet for thousands of years - even before Christ™ ( Vaticorp).

Back in the good (?) old days, the wine they drank was an infusion of (now known to be narcotic) herbs and grapes. The Rye from which the "unleavened" bread was made contained a natural fungus which is also narcotic.

The bread and the wine were used as part of the celebratory feasts of the seasons long before the Roman Church defined this practice as Pagan (™ Vaticorp).

So, what are you "tuning in" to, unconsciously, every time you call your self "Spiritual", every time you think of "Heaven" or consider your eternal soul .. which according to the RC Canon, the Church owns throughout eternity from the moment you are baptized to free you from "original sin"™ .. sin™ was the word used in the old Aramaic to denote the feminine principle - the female, woman and fertility

(and baptism was what the midwives (or nurses) do now when they wash down the body of a new born baby to cleanse it of all of the stuff that it came out of the womb with ...)

Then again ... Hell™ made its way into the English Language from the old Saxon version of the Bible that was written in the 1300's .. you know, the same one that introduced "Gotte" (God)™ into the English Language -- Frau Höelle was the Germanic Goddess of Birth and Rebirth ... and Vaticorp called that Hell™.

the "Spiritual Experience" of the heavenly choirs™ , the feeling of bliss and the collared images of angelic figures are nothing more than revisiting 1000 years of Roman Catholic Mind Control and the NDE that so many report is merely a confrontation with a genetic delusion

Spiritual Evolution

So, with this sort of programming of your body, mind and "spirit" over 1000 years ... with an average of 20 years per generation (that's 50 generations) ... what would you imagine Roman Catholic Doctrine has done to the relationship between the body and the natural order ... including the female womb ?

True Spirituality comes from the rekindling of firstly, our awareness of that, followed by our acceptance of THAT Essence in faith .. until our bodies remember THAT, under the bindings and the boundaries of what we have been taught.

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Transpersonal Notebooks

Transpersonal is about the Consciousness (which some call Spirituality) which lies beyond what some call the personality.

It is about becoming aware of the seen and the unseen, the conscious, unconscious subconscious and supraconscious memories we carry which are the sources of programs, patterns and beliefs that govern our lives and our thinking - and then moving beyond.

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