Divine and divinity ... words that can trap you in the psychosis process is a manipulation of the Sanskrit deva and dhevi; definitions and origins.

Divine and Divinity -- deva and dhevi

To call something Divine is to immediately hook your consciousness back into the past of the Monotheistic Religion of the Patriarch through the doctrine and dogma of the Roman Catholic Church

From the Sanskrit, the primordial masculine and feminine essences are known as Deva and Dhevi. Their translation into Western Traditions has seen them objectified as "god" "and goddess" .. which they are not


The word divine finds its roots in the modern Latin as a word "invented" by the Church of Rome: divin, from dvnus pertaining to a deity (from Sanskrit roots).

Divine found its way into the English Language in Theology through the French devin to the Middle English devine

divine (and divinity) defined:

  • Of or pertaining to God or a god
  • Given by or proceeding from God; having the sanction of or inspired by God
  • Addressed, appropriated, or devoted to God; religious, sacred
  • Partaking of the nature of God; characteristic of or consonant to deity; godlike; heavenly, celestial.
  • Immortal; beatified.
  • More than human, excellent in a superhuman degree
  • Connected or dealing with divinity or sacred things; sacred
  • Foreboding, prescient


d'e'v'a -- is the primordial masculine principle; an essence or principle, originally ‘a bright or shining one’ from *div- to shine ..

the "sign" or "omen" of the energy which pervades; bestowing, producing or imparting .. as with hot fire or passion from "above" (as in Heavenly) .. sometimes seen as a "gift" with the concept of going inward, within or in .. the life breath .. as an aspect of Brahma

Note: the masculine phonetic deva starts with the hard (masculine) consonant 'd'


dh'e'v'i -- is the primordial feminine principle .. placement or holding .. potential to go beyond or transcend .. consciousness potential as in "hidden" or "the inner self" with wonder, awe .. the energy which pervades .. bestowing, producing or imparting .. as with cold fire or passion of receptivity; that which has the potential to 'learn' or evolve as the essence of compassion with the power to obtain or become something else

Note: the feminine phonetic dhevi starts with the soft (feminine) consonant 'dh'

Divine, Divinity God, and Christial Dualism

It is only the Christian Dualism which refers to "god" or "goddess"; from its origins, 'god' is a genderless word .. neither male nor female. This came about with the advent of the Patriarchy in Christianity through Rome which gave the origins of 'god' as the masculine 'deus'.

The origin of 'god' is from the germanic root 'gotte' derived from Aramaic and Sanskrit ('hub' and 'emu') that to which all is sacrificed and that which sacrifices itself to all; the parallel here is "tao" or the way of all things.

In other words, most semantically correct, 'god', like Tao, is a term attributed to that which is absolute.

Essentially, this is Tao hierarchically above Yan and Yang as it comprises the union of them. Thus, it is the interpenetration (or interplay) of deva and devi.
In the Veda's, this is R'dra

This meaning was lost to Christianity when the German Christian Church re-united with Rome and the German Pope ceased to hold office (late 1300's)

this means for your process

If you happen to be in the middle of a process and releasing memories that have been encoded anywhere in your body, your use of the word "divine" is going to shut down your process by making your experience wrong according to the religious conditioning handed down to your DNA down through generations -- trapping you in the process of facing a primal psychosis based on the repression of the femine (and your body)

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Transpersonal Notebooks

Transpersonal is about the Consciousness (which some call Spirituality) which lies beyond what some call the personality.

It is about becoming aware of the seen and the unseen, the conscious, unconscious subconscious and supraconscious memories we carry which are the sources of programs, patterns and beliefs that govern our lives and our thinking - and then moving beyond.

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"Divine and Divinity -- deva and dhevi"
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