A guide to how transpersonal therapy can work for you to enable personal transformation and what to look out for when seeking a therapist to help you 'on the path'

transpersonal transformation: transformation, therapy and the cuckoo

Transpersonal counselling and therapy cannot be learned. They cannot be taught. By removing the boundaries of belief and learned reactive behaviour which separate the multiple personalities from this Self, the counsellor and therapist is a "becoming" .

Characteristic of transpersonal therapy I have experienced in my journey over the last 14 years has been that the therapist has resisted the label - recognizing that there is a client within themselves. Each has been open and willing to allow me to scratch below their surface so that I may better understand myself.

The Transpersonal Therapist

None of those whom I have met whom I would call Therapist has tried to teach me anything. None has tried to 'help' me. Each has allowed (and even provoked me) into exploring the possibilities within myself .. often leading me on a merry dance without showing me the steps - yet, never denigrating any experience that I may have had .. or any of the stumbling steps I took as I learned to dance to the beat of my own inner drum beat.

Transpersonal Therapy recognises the body as the vehicle for Liberation and, Meditation as the Practice of that liberation

All of life - whether sitting, walking, sleeping or "chopping wood and carrying water" is an expression of that Meditation - the energy of Transpersonal Liberation or self-Transcendence (which some know as Kundalini) finding expression through Hu-man form in the flow of the breath .. or the Tao.

Every therapy relationship - and most of those I would call therapist were ordinary people - was one of ordinariness. Even the experience of pain was welcomed as the release of some past holding pattern of trauma experienced. What goes down must come up again.

The Transpersonal Cuckoo

Pseudo Transpersonal Therapy seeks out the vulnerable fertility that may set a victim apart

so the therapist can seed their own ideology in order to be able to exert some sort of control and co-dependant relationship in the search of the ultimate power trip.

For those who don't know, one of the more insidious characteristics of the Cuckoo bird is that it lays its egg in the nest of some other bird, throwing out one of the previous occupants .. and then stands back to allow the "foster parent" to raise its off-spring.

The "Great Put-down" is especially true if the client or patient starts to demonstrate any qualities that mayshow a budding individuality or uniqueness.

Parents, Priests and other Cuckoo's

Many Parents are like this with their own children - especially Mothers. Any seeds or originality that are seen in their offspring are quickly thrownout or destroyed and replaced with the eggs of their own destructive tendencies .. implanted beliefs.

The Cuckoo or the "Pseudo Therapist" is the world's original narcissistic megalomaniac and there are a lot of them around - preying on those who are weaker than themselves - keeping them in their Victim hood of dependency because they are not prepared to go deeply enough into their own makeup to resolve their own psychosis.

Thus, the Cuckoo can be easily identified when one approaches them with a new possibility technique or therapy that may actually expose some of their limitations. Their response is usually to strongly decry any possibility that may allow one to move beyond dependency.

The usual manner of doing this is through parroting a "party line" warning of the dangers of a particular approach - particularly if they have paid money to learn the right to lay their own trademark eggs.

Cuckoo Therapy

The Cuckoo teaches the path of transpersonal therapy as a mental specific process - a patented technique which must be followed (often at a price) for the active seeking of some stereotypical image - most likely the one he (or she) epitomizes within his or her carefully cultivated illusion of self grandeur.

The body is to be avoided at all cost, because the Cuckoo is afraid of the memories contained. The most easily recognizable mating calls of the Cuckoo are often "I am not my body" or "I am nobody".

Sometimes even "I am a Spiritual Being having a human experience" - whatever that means.

Transpersonal Therapy and the path to self transcendence

Self Transcendence and the path to Transpersonal Liberation is only fraught with pitfalls and dangers because the Cuckoo knows that one who embraces Life itself can never again be manipulated, controlled or influenced - and therefore is a threat to his or her own self denied megalomania.

Therefore, for the Cuckoo, transpersonal therapy is carefully controlled and regulated so that there can be no spontaneous expression of integrity (which is taught to be feared).

After all, the client might come up with something that the Cuckoo has no control over - or has no answer for - except that "God or Goddess"is the only one with all of the answers.

The usual warning is that any deviation from this "party line" will result in the dire consequences of personal damage - and this is the dead giveaway - the Cuckoo has some deep dark secret that he or she dare not look at.

The true teacher cannot teach you anything - but, on the other hand, reminds you of everything that you (on some level) already know.

There are always Therapists; there are always Clients -the two are inexorably linked - two side sof the one coin.

But until you have walked in the shoes of the Master and joined the Master in your own Heart, you will never recognize that you found a way Home to the Heart that dwells in every cell of your body physical.

This is the essence of Transpersonal therapy.

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Transpersonal Therapist

Transpersonal therapy is the therapy of integration. A transpersonal therapist can only walk with you as far as they have walked on their own transpersonal journey .. books and courses can only provide road maps. I have walked many miles in other people's shoes

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