a look at the apparent enigma between the phrases son of man and Son of God according to transpersonal principles

son of man, Son of God -- the Transpersonal Principle

life is a cyclic movement of continual regeneration in form as 'personal' individualisation of Transpersonal Principles. Each of its manifestations incarnates the faculties of assimilation and regeneration.

the word "God" came into the English Language through the old German "Gotte"which was derived from the Sanskrit  "hub" and "emu" ... that to which we sacrifice and that we are a sacrifice to.

What we perceive as our reality is a reflection of Trans-personal principles and to understand this reflection is to know (have gnosis of) the working of the principles of Cause and Effect.

What is Life

Life, for Human Be-ings is the expression of these Transpersonal principles (Logos)as manifested in our personal existence. This is the "word made flesh" ... what some would call the "divine presence".

The personal flesh, thus living, is bathed in this irresistible current of Transpersonal Principles and creates, in matter, a reflection of them.

There is only one stream and each thing draws from the stream according to the vessel and its desire.

<2>Personal Form< is destructible.

Life knows nothing of death .. it destroys the mortal mercilessly and decomposes the destructible. But, the indestructible remains - carrying with it regeneration as the means of destruction.

Each new activity of Life (the Tao) proceeds from a formal death. The seed that does not rot in the ground cannot grow, but its product can only be another seed like the first.

Life is Transpersonal Consciousness and enlarges or reduces itself by varying the limits of itspersonal form.

son of man

The personal, which belongs to the limitations of form does not desire regeneration. The gestation of immortality requires and draws on the flow of the Transpersonal Principles.

The life that is transmitted by woman is personal; the fruit of every womb is mortal.Before its age of reason, the innocence and consciousness of the child is pre-personal

The Paternal seed fixes the mortal nature yet, in itself, is an individual expression of the Transpersonal by which creation acts through the father to create the personal.

Within himself, the mortal son of man, just like the son or daughter of woman, has the immortal seed of resurrection and immortality.

Son of God

Nature is feminine and passive. It receives stimulation through the (masculine and active) Transpersonal Principle which gives it life. The sons of Nature are tied to the personal life of appearances in form.

The Sacrifice is to move beyond the appearances of the personal nature (Transcendence) into the consciousness of the Transpersonal (stem-cell).

At each stage of life, the personal makes a step to recover the Transpersonal .. and the last stage is Self Realisation as "Son of God" meaning that there has been a Realisation (or making real) of one's Transpersonal Nature - thus receiving the Logos and becoming its expression - yet remembering from within the innocence of the pre-personal.

personality and ego

The personality is the limitation to this Enlightenment and it is the mind of the personality which creats obstacles which give birth to other obstacles .. because mind, being attached to objectivity, is only capable of recreating the past as an evolution of a memory within its limited perceptions (illusions) of personal time and space

looking back at
Transpersonal Theory

the texts of every religion and spirituality describes the principles of Transpersonal Theory .. but, it is only looking back from the transpersonal into the personal that the Transpersonal can be fully understood as what is left when words and language no longer exist

Transpersonal Theory notebook

"son of man, Son of God -- the Transpersonal Principle"
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