Simple answers to the not so simple questions .. Beyond Personality: Who am I, What is Life, What is Other .. ?

Transpersonal Self -- beyond my personality

who am I .. what is life .. what is other..?
The deeper I look into these three not so simple questions,
the simpler the answer

beyond my concept of self

Beyond my personality, the fluid Unified Field of Consciousness, whether it be the Microcosm within the Cells of my own body .. or whether it be the Macrocosm Universal Consciousness .. thec hair I sit in .. the stone I kick .. the Air that I breathe .. is continually moving, expanding, contracting, full of hopes and fears, pulsing with the Living Black Holes the homeostasis of all of the Births and Deaths of all Life ..

Life_It_cell-f, in nonduality, has no opposite.

beyond personality, who AM I?

personality chooses to limit "who I AM", by saying to my self and (either in my mind or out aloud) that "I am angry" or "I am frustrated" etc ...

There is a tendency for the personality to define itself according to its attachments and our needs. These holding patterns become the minefield that exists within Psychology and Psychotherapy .. and the "Hook" which Religion and Spirituality uses as a form of Species Coersion.

In any given moment, through any one of the countless senses of this physical body, a personality may be EXPERIENCING anger, frustration, jealousy, suffering ..I AM NOT angry, frustrated, jealous, or suffering .. or unworthy.

All of these are merely names I have been taught for aspects of the energy of the Universal Field of Consciousness ..and the moment I become aware of them, they have already passed through me ..

Beyond personality, what is my identity

The moment I identify with one of these feelings and make it my own, I create a dis-ease within my Cell-f and a magnet to attract mirrors to me to show me what I have done.

Fearing my isolation and survival within the conflicts of my personality, my mirrors coalesce to become my tribe .. which results in another mutation which may eventually lead to a new species .. and the suppression of The_Way_of_Life that was once known .. and is ever dimly remembered ..

Yet .. I will fight to the death to protect my difference from The_Way_of_Life in order to ensure the survival of this, my identity.


My dis-ease becomes so overpowering that my identity is faced with its own nervous breakdown or I am faced with my own annihilation .. a personality crisis .. psychosis ..

What is this Personality 'I AM" is beyond?

No matter how hard I try, the masks of this Psychic Matrix of ego can NEVER be synthesised, therapeutised, healed or made whole .. it already IS.

It is only my need for identity which keeps me dis-eased. The limitations that I experience are all of the attachments and holding patterns that create ideas and the perceptions of personality, which are my masks

Each need based attachment or holding on to ideas and definitions, beliefs, feelings, emotions and experiences forms a personality that disrupts the Flow_of_all_life, manifesting as separation. Every emotion experienced is the movement of once stagnant energy from a holding pattern - the reaction of a personality.

Yet, when another of our personalities experiences it, it is already past.

What is Life

The individual cell common to all Life discerns what is supportive to its existence and what is not. Even when the Nucleus (cell brain) is removed, life continues for the cell .. until there is an environmental threat to its survival.

The inherent life continuation program builds defences until a threat is thwarted .. and so life in itsvarious forms, from organs to species evolves .. until the threat to an individual core cell Self-Sense becomes too greatand its "Will_to_Life" is overpowered and its "Auto_Immune_System" collapses.

Dis-ease turns into disease, prey for the mutant or stronger willed predators to turn to their own personality advantage ..

The Simple Answer .. enlightenment

I .. am .. Life .. there is no other ..
an expression of Consciousness ..
aware of its Cell-f as Consciousness ..
Life flows through me, around me, is me ..

The Essence of True_Spirituality is found in the Black Hole of this moment of conception and integration .. the Integrity which is the Birth Right of every Man, Woman and Child .. of all life .. Cell-f awareness .. Gnosis .. Wholeness .. One-ness .. Self-Realization.

The Transpersonal Self

The Common Sense
beyond Existential ..
beyond Humanistic ..
beyond Transpersonal ..

has no identity ..
has no personality ..
is nameless ..

    exists within all Life
    as The_Essence_of_Life_It_Self

Home .. the Beloved Seeker Sought in the Act of Seeking
This is my Essence, my Spirituality; each personality has that choice ..

Unconditional Love
and the Transpersonal Self

There are no words to describe the unconditional love of the 'transpersonal self'; it can be experienced, but that experience cannot be described without the limitation of the self that is trying to understand what just happened.

If the experience is absorbed without limitation, then every subsequent experience will probe even deeper depths.

Love and Self

"Transpersonal Self -- beyond my personality"
  … copyright 1997-2011 Transpersonal Lifestreams, Hobart, Tasmania
  … updated 21st March 2011.

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