Emanual defined -- Rejoice rejoice, Emanuel has come to you O Israe -- an expression of Tantra in Christianity -- the Realisation of Israel or the Transpersonal Self

Emanuel -- Tantra In Christianity

Emanuel, when broken down into its roots is another word for what some call Tantra and is the expression of the Transpersonal Self.

The conflicts of the literal teachings and dogma of Christianity does not encourage people to go beyond the English words and research hidden meanings in often used phrases.

Rejoice rejoice
Emanuel has come to you O Israel

Emanuel is one of the words whose into English resulted in the original meaning being lost lost.

Israel -- the real definition

Israel, as we translate it into the English has a metaphorical or esoteric meaning rather than the existential one we are most familiar with .. (as in the name of the political state)

Y'srael (a more correct transliteration) is composed of 12 "tribes" of "Nomadic Wanderers" or peoples without a "home" who are continually in apparent conflict with each other.

Esoterically, then, the 12 tribes are the 12 primary archetypes of the ego - or the personality. These are also reflected in the personality characteristics of the 12 primary disciples.

The Nation, Y'srael thus, is this body of peoples -or the 'spiritual body of Man' in his expression -as opposed to the egoic or sovereign mind body as expressed in contrasting characters through other metaphors of the Pharoh and the Philestines - etc (in the Old Testament) and the Jews and Romans (in the New Testament).


Em-anu-El breaks down into 3 distinct phonetics.

Interestingly, the spelling of the word as "Emanuel" does NOT appear anywhere in the historical "Biblical Books". Emmanuel does appear as an alternate form of Immanuel which finds its origins in the book of Isaiah and is translated as "God is with us" in the context of the birth of a Child.

This parallels the terms that I use where I refer to the "innocence" of the newborn child in that it is, in its non-egoic expression intrinsically neither male nor female and sees no separations in the essence of things in the world around it.

The Birth of "Jesus" is seen as the fulfilment of Isaiah's prophesy.

emanuel defined -- Sacred Tantra:

'Em' is an interesting Hebrew root, in that what it refers to is the eternal "mother" principle of the "female that gives birth to" in the context of Earth as opposed to Sky - or - physicality as opposed to energetic principle.

'anu' has two very obscure references where it is referred to in the context of "fortress" or "unassailable"

'El' in one of its common usages is the Masculine expressive principle [along with all of the other meanings of Lord (to "lord over"), sustainer ... ]

The three phonetics together (irrespective of the convention of English spelling used) then find "The Unassailable fortress in the Union of Male and Female" which finds a parallel within the Eastern "Triune God Archetype" philosophy of "Creator-Destroyer -Sustainer" - the Transpersonal Self.

So, taking the whole of the phrase "Rejoice rejoice Emanuel has come to you O Israel" it could be said that there is a time of rejoicing amongst the tribes (archetypes) when the Masculine and Feminine principles find Peace with each other in innocence - or in the Fortress - the unassailable - the Heart.


In doing this work, I have had to move beyond my own conditioned responses to words and phraseology. When I was able to do this, it was very interesting to see the information that is buried in the generally accepted Bible concordances - and is often overlooked by those who hold a fundamental Christian position.

NONE of this is hidden if you know where to look and how to put together all of the pieces of the jigsaw from commonly available information.

When I started to do this sort of thing, I looked for parallels in Scriptural Texts other than the Bible - and in the spiritual principles of other tribes and civilisations. What I have written is an interpretation of a metaphor that exists in ALL spiritualities .. and is, in fact, the essence of the purest form of what some know as "Tantra". Further - it gives some insight into the essence of the "Christ" archetype beyond the literal understandings of the fundamentalist translations and interpretations.

Tantra - a plain man's
Transpersonal Notebooks

Tantra, from the earliest teachings, is probably the earliest record of the Transpersonal.

Tantra is not merely sex, with which most Westerners identify Tantric Yoga, but an entire science of communion - communication and union within the Self leading to self realisation and enlightenment


"Emanuel -- Tantra In Christianity"
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