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legal and rights notices : transpersonal lifestreams

Your use of this site and any of the material published in the pages on this web site impliesthat you have read, understood and accepted this "fine print":


All of the material published on this site is the result of personal experience, study andresearch and its written expression is the intellectual property of Christopher Wynter, Fiona Tulkand others (including forum members) who have worked with us.

All rights to our personal expression as the material presented on this site are reserved toTranspersonal LifeStreams and the authors, protected by the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968 (Commonwealth of Australia).

No material from this site may be either copied for sale or used within any publication, program orcourse of instruction for sale or for which a fee is charged, without written permission from either Christopher Wynter or Fiona Tulk

Provided you acknowledge the source of the material you use, clearly and obviously on all reproductions, any material contained within these pages may be copied or shared freely for "not forsale" personal use only.


We do not set any cookies. Our Web server does not automatically record any information regardingthe domain you are accessing this site through, your ISP number or your e-mail address.

We do not partner with, link to or have special relationships with any Ad-Server companies or othercommercial interests.

Under no circumstances is your personal e-mail address shared with, sold to or revealed to any thirdperson or party.


The information contained in this site comes from original research carried out over a number of years and is published to encourage debate and self inquiry. Points of view expressed are not taken from any source other than the results of personal research or experience and are not attributable to any other author unless indicated.

Everything we have put in this site is here in good faith:

The material contained in this site and/or provided in any interaction you may have with us is not a substitute for professional advice.

We can only take responsibility for having put this material here for you to read. What you do with it now is up to you. In fact, we don't need you to believe any of it. We would prefer if you would use it as a guide to you finding your own conclusions about the Possible Human within you.

Nothing on this site is published as any form of diagnosis, prescription or treatment for any medical or psychological condition.

We do not claim to have legally recognized qualifications or authority to be healers, teachers, counselors or therapists, nor do we claim to work with any specific modality or therapy.

We will not accept any liability or responsibility for anyconsequences of your use of this publication - either the benefits or otherwise. Of course, we hopethat everything you discover will help you live in and with the perfection that is the potential for us all.

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The requisite fine print to "The Transpersonal Notebooks" which briefly summarise (and define) the content of this site, and your rights and responsibilities.

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"legal and rights notices : transpersonal lifestreams"
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