spirituality defined in terms of the origins of the word compared to modern usage based on Christian Doctrine

Spiritual Being .. or being spiritual -- defining personal spirituality

If you think you are being "Spiritual", do you know what you are really saying. You call yourself "Spiritually Evolved" what does that mean. You follow "Spiritualism", what exactly do you follow.

10% of the mind that we consciously use is located above the neck;

the 90% of the mind we do not use is located in that thing that's below the neck.


You worship "Spirit", you call on "Spirit" .. some might even say they have an intimate connection with the "spirit world" .. what exactly do you worship, call on or have intimate connection with ..?

You think you are a "Spiritual Master" -- what is it, exactly, that you are a master of .. what does your mind (the only 10% of your brain that you are conscious of) think that you have mastered?

And .. if 10% of you thinks you have mastered Spirit, what does the other 90% that depends on "Spirit" for its survival think about that. Have you bothered to ask?

What is this "Spirituality" that is shouted from the rooftops 'My Spiritual knowledge is greater than yours" or spoken of in hushed tones that take your breath away ...

the etymology of 'spirit'

If you bothered to take a really deep look into the etymology (the study of the history, source and development of words) of the word "Spirit", you might not be so cocky.

Spirit is an English word which is derived through translations by the Church of Rome from "Biblical" (found in the Latin Vulgate) roots which (from the original Hebrew and Aramaic) transliterates as "Universal Breath" or "Universal Life-force". No more .. no less.

Of course -- if you go to the Scandanavian roots (old Norse), the root word which translates into English as 'spirit' means 'breaks wind' -- so that a 'spiritual master' is one who has mastered the art of farting!

spiritual ego

So .. two things come from this .. every time you claim an intimacy with "Spirit" you claim intimacy with the Doctrine and Dogma of the RC Church .. at least, the 90% of you that you are not conscious of does. The other 10% thinks it knows better.

But, secretly, you still fart!

The preponderance of the ego to claim ownership of one's own "Spiritual Perspective" is nothing more than a replay of the Doctrine and Dogma of Roman Catholicism throughout the last 2000 years.

Is it any wonder that the "do-gooder" Christian followers see themselves as Messianic Soldiers .. fully intent on saving the world (except that farts contain greenhouse gasses) ... even though they cannot save themselves.

What is there to become if we're 'IT'

the centre of the 10% is between your ears ...

the centre of the 90% is located in the centre of the base chakra.

In your claim as to your own personal (10%) cognisance of matters "Spiritual", what does theother 90% (that farts) think about that? The conscious mind is so preoccupied with accessing, manipulating, controlling and understanding matters "Spiritual" that the other 90% which depends on unfettered flow of breath for its very survival, finally gives up the ghost .. the possibility of what it might have been.

There is not a single objectifiable thing in this Universe that does not flow with the Universal Breath. That is the way of the Tao.

Yet, the mind of Man has learned to deify this "Spirit" out of awe or fear so that the very mention of the word causes an interruption to the flow.

and the 10% which is busy thinking about it, analysing it, dissecting it, is not even conscious of this interruption .. even though it requires the breath to function.

the breath you just inhaled

Whilst reading this, pause for a moment to consider .. the breath that you just inhaled .. how many people over how many millions of years have exhaled the very same molecules of breath that you just took into your 90% in order to stay alive? (and you thought passive smoking was bad for your health!)

How many other living things shared in the same molecules .. the trees, the plants, the flowers .. even the ground beneath your feet breathes with the Universal Breath.

Yet, the ego mind of the "spiritually evolved", "aware" or "enlightened", in its catatonic state, believes that it has a mandate to be an authority on matters of the origins of its own stuporous state .. and seeks to gather members to the same tribe of behaviourally indoctrinated suicidal separatists whose total focus is on what comes out of their own mouths .. totally regardless of the way of the Tao or the Universal Breath ..

which is fine for them .. but what about the children .. who in their innocence of infancy, see the lies of their parents and the limitations they believe in ..

90% finally starved of "Spirit" finally dies .. and the other 10% hangs around in the dimension some call "Soul" (where it is able to finally see a bigger picture but can do nothing about it), lookingfor another potential 90% to inhabit .. to see if it can get it all together next time ..

only to find that it is the peers, the parents and the adults that never give it a chance to become 100% .. and not only that, they seek to either control or destroy other parts of the planetary ecosystem which are vital parts of the "Living Breath"

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