Transpersonal Psychology and Transpersonal Therapy in the psychosis of finding one's self face down in a pile of Heffalump Pooh

Heffalump Pooh -- Transpersonal Psychotherapy and the Spiritual Elephant

If someone is drowning in free running Heffalump Urine, there is not much point in describing to them the in's and out's of the Heffalump mating habits has to either move the Heffalump or move the person. Something has to be sacrificed ..

Transpersonal Psychology is NOT a religion, or a "Spirituality" but the meeting point of all beliefs.. There is nothing in what I write that is anything to do with any belief system, cult or culture that I might have or that I would want anyone to follow.

someone wrote to me:
"I saw some inconsistencies and a belief system coming from Christopher that I resisted."

As anybody who reads the tag line on the bottom of ever post to the forum it says:
"The true teacher cannot teach you anything ..but can only remind you of what, on some level, you already know ... "

personality and its attachments

If a person is stuck in the psychosis of a big pile of Heffalump pooh, the Transpersonal Therapist should first determine whether the client is standing under the rear end of a poohing Heffalump, or whether the Heffalump has moved on down the path, or whether they were blindly following someone through a field of tall grass and tripped over a Serpent resulting in their falling face down into the pile of Heffalump pooh.

Mind you, there are some people who think that fresh Heffalump pooh is a good place to play and roll around in ..

Heffalump psychosis and transpersonal therapy

Seen from another perspective, however, Heffalump pooh has very powerful healing properties. It can be spread over the body as a poultice for suppurating wounds, imbibed as the eternal panacea, soaked in water and wallowed in .. or, it could be distilled and some real "gems of wisdom" extracted.

Now .. if I am talking to one person about all of the benefits that can come from the distillation of aged Heffalump pooh, it is natural that what I am saying will seem inconsistent to the person who, at that moment, is face down in a pile of the fresh stuff and struggling to breathe.

but, to someone who has intimate first hand knowledge of all of the dimensions, qualities and applications of Heffalump pooh - especially one who has acquired this knowledge from first hand psychotic experience, what I am writing has nothing to do with beliefs ..

Studying Pooh

The academic process through and by which the pile of fresh Heffalump pooh came to be in your face has been well documented and researched. Down through the ages, many people have assisted in this work with their personal reports of this psychosis through first hand narratives .. some call them myths and legends .. others, religion.

Some experts have even documented the process of how the grass you are walking through has been processed by the Heffalump digestive system to become the pile of pooh hiding in the grass waiting to trap those who are blithely looking for the "Pot of Gold" at the end of the rainbow.


Apart from the people who tripped over the Snake in the grass, the singular, most common reasonpeople end up with a face full of Heffalump pooh, is that they are too busy looking at the Heffalumpthat is standing in the field laughing quietly to itself because it knows that, whilst you are so verybusy reading the teachings on Heffalumps as you are walking through the grass, you have noconnection with where you are placing your feet ..

SPLAT .. epiphany.

Extracts from

"The epiphany of One Heffalump Poohing -
a guide to the Transpersonal Psychology and Transpersonal Therapy of the Spiritual Elephant"

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